Head, Back, and Neck Injuries

Racine Back Neck and Head Injury Attorneys

Spinal cord damage leading to paralysis; brain damage resulting in the permanent loss of cognitive abilities and bodily function; broken vertebrae causing a lifetime of pain and limited mobility—the effects of a serious back, neck, or head injury are readily apparent in most cases. But so-called "minor injuries" such as concussions or whiplash can also have significant and debilitating impacts on the people who suffer them.

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Our First Concern is Your Recovery

At Becker | French our lawyers have more than 60 years of combined legal experience and have handled thousands of personal injury claims involving back, neck, and head injuries. What all of these cases have in common is that each one, whether it involved brain damage, a herniated disc, or a soft tissue injury—each one of them had significant, life-changing effects and caused very real physical pain to our clients.

With minor neck and soft tissue injuries, long-term effects may not be apparent immediately. A common mistake that people with these injuries make is to assume that because they feel "pretty good" right now, they'll feel even better after a few weeks of recovery. This isn't necessarily the case. Sometimes these injuries can linger and even grow worse over time. Unfortunately, the chance for a successful personal injury claim and compensation also grows worse as time passes.

Experience that Makes a Difference

Remember: if you have suffered a back, neck, or head injury, how you feel today may not be how you'll feel tomorrow. Do yourself a favor and find out what your legal options are. Call us today at (262) 633-7530 for a free consultation or contact our Racine, Wisconsin law offices with a brief description of your situation.

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